Which of These Mistakes Are You Making in Your Business?

Selling yourself has never been harder. In this time of the 2012 shift and the changes that are happening as people evolve, the way we communicate our message has to evolve also.

If you are a spiritual entrepreneur or run a heart based business you could be making these mistakes when you are trying to sell yourself.

1.) I just need to stay positive and not worry

Yes positive thinking is important but worry and anxiety has a purpose. It is to tell you that there is something you need to do. There is some action you need to take or something you need to change. Worry is to let you know you need to change something because your current course is taking you in the wrong direction.

Positive thinking can actually be dangerous as it’s the mental equivalent of an ostrich sticking its head in the sand.

Work out what action to take, and take it.

2.) It’s simply a numbers game

If you make enough calls and more appointments you will eventually get a yes. Have you ever tried this? It’s like finding a needle in a haystack. What if you had a magnet though, that could simply draw out the needle leaving the hay for someone else to sift through?

3.) Chatting to people is enough

Most spiritual people believe the myth that it’s enough to be able to chat to people and have them like you. Yes they need to like you, but they also need to trust you, feel safe that you can solve their problem and understand on a soul level that you are right for them. Liking is only the first step to this.

4.) Offering discounts hoping it will bring in more clients

This will only result in you working more hours. The numbers just don’t add up – studies show that a discount of only 20% can result in needing to work 50% extra hours (based on supply and demand curves).

5.) Selling is bad – it’s about persuading someone to buy something they don’t want

This myth has never been true. Selling is about helping people to decide. Whether that decision is a yes or no is irrelevant. But getting them to a decision is essential.

Selling is actually GOOD. When the product and person are a good match. It does everyone good. The seller and the buyer. This is a true win-win situation.

Think about a time when you had a problem and bought a product or service that solved it. How good did that make you feel? That’s how good you could be making your clients feel. And if you think about it in any other way you really owe it to yourself and your clients to get over it.

6.) Offering freebies or taster sessions will have them buy

This is the most common mistake made by heart-centered business owners. But I’ll bet if you’ve ever tried this you will have had a LOT of time wasters. What happened when you suggested they pay next time? Did they run away, cry poor, say they will think about it or even take offence at the suggestion?

It’s much more effective to set up a conversation that leads to a decision (yes or no), rather than offer freebies.

7.) If I meditate and visualise more I’ll get more clients

Of course this is essential, but it’s NOT the only thing you need to do. You also need to raise your inner threshold, clear your energy and learn sales tactics that work in today’s economy and in the time of the 2012 shift.